Sunday, January 15, 2012

Joy’s Growth

Joy has grown so much in the last few weeks.  She has started to sing along with songs.  She is saying lines along with her favorite movies.  She is singing parts of the Just Dance 3 songs with Lizzy and Jessi.  She is getting so big!

She prayed – all by herself!  She folded up her arms so tightly, then screwed up her little eyes and mumbled something about day, and a whole bunch of syllables I didn’t understand, and then ended with “Amen!”  Amen Joy!  I am so proud of you!  I may not have understand more than two words, but you were talking to One who did understand and you spoke with meaning.  Way to go Joy!

Last night I went to bed early.  Joy was laying beside me.  I watched her as she rolled over and snuggled in.  She fell asleep so peacefully.  My heart was full of love for this little girl.  Here she was safe and loved in my home.  Some people say there is no difference between biological and adopted children.  And maybe that’s true for them.  To me, it’s always in my head.  Everything from being tall and slim to having beautiful brown hair and eyes screams that she is not my biological child.  But how I love this little  girl.  Sometimes I think her being adopted frees me to love her more.  She is mine.  And I am so grateful for this beautiful 4 year old gift.

Stayed home from school and she slept all day long – poor thing.

Jan 16 001

Playing Wii

Jan 16 002

Duck, Duck, Goose

Jan 16 006Jan 16 005

Pushing Bella and then Lizzy

Jan 16 015Jan 16 017

Doing therapy with Bella

Jan 16 028

Because she is beautiful!  Love this picture!

Jan 16 031

Happy and loving life

Jan 16 032Jan 16 038

Telling Bella to “look at Mama!”

Jan 16 089

Relaxing with the ipad

Jan 16 090

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