Sunday, July 15, 2012

Joy’s Week

Joy signing “I love you!”

July 15 079

The big girls were dressing up , so Joy had to too!  I loved the toe socks on her!

July 15 054July 15 055

Therapy shots – she brought out this catching mitt and Joy loved it!  She is so sports oriented!  Special Olympics is going to be a big part of our lives!


July 15 067July 15 073

Joy adores her dogs!  She loves the new puppies, but Patches is her special pet.  Poor Patches – she has become Joy’s playmate.  Joy adores her.  She swings her, carries her everywhere, and even insists on bathing her! 

July 15 044July 15 118July 15 106

Joy still loves her crackers!  Playing outside with her siblings.

July 15 125July 15 101

A video of Joy playing ball with Bella

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