Sunday, September 09, 2012

Joy’s Week

Monday we drove up to Nacogdoches.  Joy loved lunch at Chick-fil-A!



After Labor Day there were only four days of school this week.  Joy attended only once.  The poor thing was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday.  She went to school Thursday and loved it.  But Friday morning she was out again.  I think she has finally kicked it!IMG_0627



She is so funny.  Her verbal skills are coming along nicely – partly because we are insisting that she talk!  She has the best imagination – I had to grab her up and squeeze her.  She just makes me happy!



Playing with her brother in his little room


It was time to work outside, so she ran and grabbed some gloves from the garage – so smart!

The three littles


Bouncing on the trampoline with Bella and the night nurse. 

This fun book!  We saw it at Barnes and Noble and had to grab it and plop down to read it.  Her EC class read it every day last year during October.  We learned the song here at home and sang it over and over.  So when we saw it I got all excited!  We sang the song right there on the floor.  Joy got kinda (really) loud in parts – but I loved it!  She remembered the song perfectly!  We had to take a picture and send it to her teacher from last year.  So fun!

IMG_0681Sept 9 009

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