Sunday, November 04, 2012

Joy’s Week

I can check out my own books, thank you!

nov 4 001

At Uncle Nathan’s baseball game

nov 4 008nov 4 011

The girls love their baths together!               Joy and the pumpkin


Joyful jumping, hanging out with sister and puppy, Joy and her cousin


Halloween – oh Halloween!  We brought the stroller with us to help Joy get to each new house.  If she doesn’t want to do something or gets tired, she just plops down and there is no moving her!  So we thought the stroller would save us.  And it did – for about the first 5 houses.  Then she figured out that she was getting candy from these houses.  And she noticed that everyone gave her sisters one treat, but her two or three because she is so cute!  To the point that she started putting up her pumpkin for the extra piece before she would leave the house.  Then she would sweetly and politely say, “Thank you” in her cute voice and nine times out of ten she would score another piece of candy!  Little Miss Bumblebee figured this out fast and she started running from door to door – we had to try and keep up! 

And then she was almost hit by a car.  Oh my goodness!  She and her sister were standing and waiting for a car to pass them on the road.  Joy saw me across the street.  She was so excited – she wanted to tell me something exciting!  She tore away from her sister and came one foot away from being hit.  Her sister screamed.  I screamed.  The lady driving the car stopped and flew out of her car to make sure everything was OK.  Jessi, the sister who has been holding her hand, was sobbing.  How grateful I am that Joy was OK.  How terrifying!  Joy was strapped into her stroller and had to do the rest of her Trick or Treating from there. 

She got quite a haul that night – but we were most thankful that she was alive to eat her candy!  That girl must have a legion of angels assigned to protect her!


Finger painting – we had to take a bath afterwards to get all that paint off!


Headed out to Ballet Class.  Sister drove her.  They both wore pig tails!


Dancing at sister’s party!


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