Sunday, December 09, 2012

Joy’s Fortnight

Cute new Joy phrases:

“I comin’”  (I’m coming)

“In a nin it.”  (in a minute)

Due to a technical glitch, I present two weeks of Joy’s life:

She loves Christmas!                             She has a great imagination – that block is a harmonica!


Our family went to the Nativity Festival – Joy was the cutest angel!


Touring the nativities – yes that sign says “Do not touch!”    Refreshments afterwards!IMG_2574IMG_2578

Sisters had a piano recital.  While we waited for everyone to arrive, Joy bolted for the piano.  She put her program on the music stand, then played and sang.  Then she gracefully gave everyone a bow.  Best performance of the night!


We are headed to Iowa for Christmas – so we have to buy real coats – she loves Old Navy!  She always poses with the mannequins!  :)   A quick stop at Pet smart.


Loves singing and playing             and her puppy!


Because we are going to be gone, some of the big presents for Christmas get to opened early!  Introducing Joy, Bella, and Alex’s new turtle filled with beans.  So fun!


Signing Christmas cards – love the love in her face!    Making a Back to Bethlehem costume for the church Christmas party.


Headed out to the party


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