Sunday, January 20, 2013

Joy’s Week

She is still on the mend.  Wednesday she finally went back to school.  She was sure wiped out afterwards though.  I think she’s been to school a whole 2 1/2 days in January.  Poor thing!

Since she was home, she got to do music therapy with Bella – which she loved.  Her music therapy is on Mondays at school, so she had missed it.  The girls have the same music therapist.  Very fun for them.


OT brought over this cool snow ball maker – it’s great in our beans!

Shopping with a sleeping Brother and Mama didn’t bring the stroller.  I had to get creative. 


We went on a hike at a nearby park.  Oh my goodness, Joy can be so stubborn!  She would NOT walk.  At all.  I thought we’ll just keep going and she’ll finally move.  No.  Joy proved she is much more stubborn than I am.  Couple that with the nightmares I have of her wandering off and getting lost, and she won that battle!  I had to carry her the entire way.  Next time I’m bringing her stroller!  She was convinced there was a squirrel in that tree!  She kept talking to it, telling it to come out.  So cute!  Afterwards we all had dipped ice cream cones!


We made freshly squeezed lemonade, but the reason this picture is so big is look at her face!  She is priceless!IMG_3000

Playing with sisters and friends.


Joy loves to make Bella laugh

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