Sunday, June 23, 2013

Joy’s Week


 IMG_5361 IMG_5363

So excited for pizza for dinner!  And Chick-fil-A for lunch!

IMG_5371 IMG_5372

Finding fun

IMG_5376 IMG_5379

At the park

IMG_5384 IMG_5386 IMG_5388 IMG_5390    IMG_5406

Protective of her brother             Showing off her glow stick bracelet       The headband sister made her

IMG_5409 IMG_5423 IMG_5425

Helping Mama make cookies         Carrying all of her babies             Decorating a cookie with umbrellas

IMG_5426 IMG_5444 IMG_1642


Playing with cousins                                        Playing with sister in the sprinkler

IMG_5446 IMG_5438 IMG_5442

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