Sunday, July 28, 2013

Joy’s Week

Beautiful Joy                     


Playing Ring A Round the Rosie with the family – one happy girl!

IMG_5651 IMG_5652

Imagining…                                                 Playing in a box with sister

IMG_5659 IMG_5661

Making a rocket ship with sister       Bubbles

IMG_5663 IMG_5677

Making homemade pizzas                  Crazy, active Joy!

IMG_5680 IMG_5689

Joy and I are struggling in a couple of areas – one is sleep and the other is church.

Joy does not like to sleep alone.  She does not want to go to sleep till everyone else is asleep.  Which means lately she has been up till 10PM every. single. night.  Gotta figure that one out before I crash and burn!

Church.  Our church is long.  It’s three hours long.  The first hour the whole family meets together.  Joy sits beside me or in my lap the whole time.  As soon as that meeting ends, Primary (children’s church) starts.  That is two hours long.  They asked a lady at church to work with Joy and stay with her.  This year she is the main teacher (instead of the helper).  I just don’t know what to do.  Joy is so strong.  I am exhausted by the end of the first hour of church.  I worry about this lady who is supposed to teach Joy.  I worry that Joy is too big and too strong for her.  She is older.  And then there’s the fact that Joy HATES church.  As soon as the first hour is over, she begs me to go home.  Most weeks I let her. I know if we would just be consistent about staying, Joy would adapt and be fine.  But I worry.  A lot.  Do I really want to take a screaming, kicking Joy to Primary and interrupt everyone?  I’m pretty embarrassed by that behavior. I don’t feel like anyone really understands – so she goes home.  Since the ladies running the program are all volunteers I don’t feel like anyone needs to be held to any standards.  But I really need to start training her on appropriate church behavior before she gets any bigger and I can’t control her physically.  Besides church is just something we do in this family.  Gotta figure this one out.

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