Sunday, October 20, 2013

Joy’s Fortnight

We went to a special needs support group meeting at the Tomball library. 

Very fun!  Joy loved making a pumpkin.

IMG_2334photo 3 (2)

Just being herself – cute Joy


Having a picnic with Lizzy and playing guitar/violin with Daddy


She sent up an elaborate picnic with a pillow, blanket, sour cream, salt, and a bowl.

Just cute – she fell asleep holding Patches.


Playing with sisters


Joy and Bella were invited to a gymnastics birthday party.  Joy LOVES birthdays!IMG_6822


Joy loves to eat tomatoes the same way others eat apples!  Happy girl after school!


School work – so proud of how hard she works!  She got four out of the five senses correct and coloring in the lines.


We had Parent Teacher conference. Joy is a joyful stubborn girl.  We have some work to do in the areas of compliance and self control. They love her and I am thankful for how hard they work with her every day!

Joy got an award from school for  her enthusiasm – good description of our girl.IMG_6920

Pizza night – Joy insisted we have a picnic!


Because we were Kickstart backers of Rachel and the Treeschoolers, we got a sneak peek of episodes 2 and 3.  Here are the girls’ reactions to episode two:

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