Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Except Ye Become As Little Children…

Joy can be frustrating with her stubbornness, but she teaches me so much!

Tonight we had tacos for dinner and then cake for dessert since it’s big brother’s birthday.

Joy chose not to eat dinner.  We explained several times during dinner that if she didn’t eat, she couldn’t have cake.  When she threw her dinner on the floor, we reiterated that she had chosen to not have any cake because she had chosen not to eat her dinner.  She accepted that and left the table.

Fast forward two hours.  I was cleaning up the kitchen and Joy came in and asked me, “Cake?”  No, Joy.  Remember you chose not to eat your dinner, so you chose not to have any cake.  Maybe tomorrow.

“OK.” she replied and put her head down.  Then she reached up, got a green apple and went happily on her way.

I’m not that easily re-directed when I want something.  When I ask my Heavenly Father for something and there are prerequisites that I’m not willing to fill or the answer is simply No, I’m not good at simply changing my focus.  I’m grateful for the reminders that Heavenly Father gives me.  I love that Joy teaches me.

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