Sunday, January 19, 2014

Joy’s Week

Joy loves her new bed!  I find her watching the ipad on it. 

I thought this was cute when I found her babies and her “Daddy” (the Ken doll) on her bed.


Playing outside with sister


Watching a movie in Mama’s bed                   During Speech, so very happy!


“Reading” the newspaper like Daddy


Mercer Arboretum – Joy likes to run off which scares me to death!!!  So she had to sit in her stroller during most of our adventure at the arboretum.    She liked the water features the most!  I felt guilty about keeping her cooped up, so I let her out of her stroller and away she ran down the path and was gone.  Ugh!

To make up for her mediocre time, we went across to the park.  That she loved!  She was everywhere!


Playing in the backyard with sisters                                 Super Why!

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