Sunday, June 22, 2014

Joy’s Weeks

I found some pictures from my phone of Joy picking out her cake!


Her birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Turpin and the toys she bought with her birthday money.IMG_4227IMG_4463

Cute girl in a cute hat


Joy and I sitting outside, Sammi thought it was cute and took a picture.

I have to keep the house show worthy at all times, but Joy and I have different ideas about that.  Every time I came upstairs, I would find her lamp, baby, pillows, and blankets in the family room. 


We went to the Woodlands Mall and rode the Merry Go Round and then home to play with cousins!


We went to the Downtown Aquarium with our extended family.        Joy is such a ham!


You could touch the sting rays, but Joy was more fascinated by washing and blow drying her hands!IMG_4343IMG_4317

The Ferris Wheel – Mama was panicking! We had a serious talk about SITTING still!!


Waiting for the train


pretending to be dogs – ruff, ruff                  Playing in the water


Another showing – ST at the park


Joy got a letter from her teacher – she loved it!


Another showing – dinner out,         Another showing – lunch out


A picnic                                                                    Mama is always cleaning these days!


Watching Netflix with sister                     


Another showing – a trip to the library


Finally an offer!  The girls celebrated by pulling out every bucket of toys and making a huge mess!  They kept looking at me like, “Can we do this?” “Are we going to get in trouble?” 

Playing in the mulch


Our family went to the special needs screening of How to Tame Your Dragon 2.IMG_2183

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Emily Kikuchi said...

Love the family pic and the one of you with Joy and Bella!