Saturday, April 18, 2015

Joy’s Week

We drove up to Indianapolis to meet with our Financial Planner.  We are trying to set up our wills and Special Needs Trusts for Joy, Bella, and Alex.  We stopped and got Joy cow pies (french fries) and had a picnic in Indiana.

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After our meeting we went to the Lego store.  So fun!

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Monday Joy went to her first baseball practice!  They have a special needs team!  She is so excited!

2015-04-13 April 18 0142015-04-13 April 18 015

Friday therapy, the Stinker, I mean Joy. We are at therapy for three hours on Fridays.  The girls alternate between OT and ST, and then Bella has PT.  We just hang out in the gym while Bella works that last hour.  To entertain herself this time Joy found a piece of something that they use for therapy for stretching (my Dad used it for his shoulder).  It was alternatively rope to tie up Sammi and a rein for me, the horse. 

2015-04-17 April 18 0032015-04-17 April 18 0092015-04-17 April 18 014

Playing in the water with Lizzy and Nerf Guns with Daddy

2015-04-18 April 18 0182015-04-18 April 18 019

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Becca’s cat went missing.  Joy was so worried.  She asked me about it every day.  She prayed for cat. She knew Becca would be sad.  So the morning that Jacquet showed up again, Joy was so excited!  She said, “Cat! Gecca happy!”

2015-04-17 april 17 001

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