Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Joy’s 8th Birthday

Joy’s birthday is actually on June 1st, but we had Grandparents coming into town for Memorial Day so we celebrated early!

Today was all about whatever Joy wanted!


She had donuts for breakfast – she and Daddy went out and got them.

2015-05-25 May 26th 002

We all loaded up the van and invaded ToysRUs.  We left her admire all of the toys – and she finally chose two gifts, a large Caillou doll and a Frozen watch.  OK, then. We got her the doll and Grandma bought the watch.  Totally not what I would have gotten her, but she was so happy!

She rode the quarter ride with Caillou and thought that was aweseome!

2015-05-25 may 26 002

We all went to McDonald’s where she got exactly what she wanted – cow pies, syrup, and juice or French Fries, Ketchup, and Soda.

2015-05-25 may 26 0112015-05-25 may 26 0132015-05-25 may 26 009

When we got home we watched Frozen on the big screen.  She loved it!  Bella acted out each scene.

2015-05-25 may 26 015

We had a Frozen cake and ice cream and opened presents from her sisters.

2015-05-25 May 26th 0072015-05-25 May 26th 0082015-05-25 May 26th 0142015-05-25 May 26th 020

2015-05-25 May 26th 0032015-05-25 May 26th 0242015-05-25 May 26th 0152015-05-25 May 26th 0172015-05-25 May 26th 0222015-05-25 May 26th 023

She had a great day and she was so happy!

We love you so much Joy!!  I can’t believe you are eight years old!  How has that much time passed?  Love ya baby girl!!

Birthdays remind me that baby Joy (not Baby, she would tell me) is adopted.  My mind floats over to California, to her Mother and her twin brother.  I hope y’all are well.  I hope Greg’s birthday is a wonderful one. 

We love you Joy Joy!  Happy 8th birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful year!

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