Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Week

I saw this cheap drum set at the store and got it.  They love it!  I thought Brother would like it, and he does, but it’s the girls who go crazy with it!


Twice a year our church has a special broadcast just for women – girls 8 and up.  So Joy was old enough this year!  We had a great dinner at church and then moved into the chapel for the broadcast.  I loved Sister Wixom’s talk on Divine Nature.  About that time, Joy told her she was ready to go home.  OK baby.  It was so late!  It doesn’t even start until 8PM here in the Eastern Time Zone!  So I got her home and back to hear Pres. Utchdorf’s parable about Ava and Great Aunt Rose.  (and yes, Joy did remove her hat before we got to the church!)


Joy dressed herself this morning.  I told her she looked so cute and her answer was adorable!  “I look like Gecca!”  This girl loves her sister!  Exhibit A  (picture of Jason and Becca) as evidence – boots, jeans, shirt.  Smart girl!


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