Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Good-bye Patches

Joy and I took Patches (she calls her Puppy) to the vet last night after yet another bout of bloody diarrhea. Patches is 18 years old, has bad cataracts on both eyes and having problems with bowel control. The vet said it was time, so we put Patches to sleep. It was heartbreaking.  Mama cried.

We buried Patches in the backyard (although I didn’t let Joy watch that part – I was afraid she would start burying things)

So Joy is very, very confused. She keeps asking where Patches is and if the doctor made her better with her shot.

What have we been telling her?

Patches was very sick.

No, Patches did not get better.

We even tried….Patches went to live with Jesus, but she just doesn’t understand.

Death is a hard concept for children, period.  Add in a cognitive delay and…

Goodbye Patches.  Thank you for being such a good Puppy!  Joy loves you so!


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