Friday, August 11, 2006

Interviews set up

I finally connected with our social worker. Our interviews are set up for next Friday, the 18th of August (same day Mandy comes home!!!!). I have to be interviewed alone. Then Jason alone. Then our "marriage" interview. Should be a fun couple of hours - ugh!

I have contacted the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. They have a waiting list for families who want to adopt children with Down syndrome. All we need is our home study. There is no cost for their services.

Jason says the more lists we can get on, the better. That way, hopefully, we'll find Joy!


Kathie said...

YEAH!!! I am so excited that she finally called back and made appointments!! It will go great I am sure. That is cool that the other place doesn't charge anything - pretty cool. Hopefully we will have Joy soon.

Cyndi said...

After I read your post before this one I had the thought that Joy isn't here yet. That her spirit was able to visit you to prepare you before she came. I don't know if that is right or not, just a thought I had. I love you and am so excited for this little one to join our family. We are growing by leaps and bounds! I wonder where she is? What an exciting adventure!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that things are moving along! I'll keep reading the posts... it's an exciting adventure!