Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lest ye think otherwise

Lest ye think that we have been sitting at home twiddling our thumbs and waiting for a baby, I thought I would post that yes, we do receive information on babies with Down syndrome that need homes. These are the babies that we have learned about thus far.

The first baby we were told about died before she could be adopted. The second baby wasn’t meant to be ours. The third baby turned out to be a scam. The fourth baby isn’t due until March and while we have had our profile presented to them, they are still weighing all of their options. The fifth baby we found out about last week. We spent all weekend learning about AV Canals and talking with people and a neonatologist. By Monday the baby had been born and the mother had chosen to parent. I am glad for her. She would have missed out on a lot. And so we continue to wait.

I am so grateful that my Father has been with me through this whole process because I know that we will bring home a baby who is meant to be ours one day.

I also wanted to post that several someones have been very kind to us. My sisters have sent me all of their baby girl clothes. This kid is going to be very well dressed! My Mom gave me a crib. Another kind soul (who shall remain nameless) sent us some money to put toward Joy's adoption. Thank you everyone for your support! We really appreciate your love!

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