Thursday, March 01, 2007

Closest we have ever been

We might have a baby before this month is out - wow! The situation I posted about in "Hope and Joy" is moving forward. If this little one does have Down syndrome (there are such things as false positives on prenatal screenings), she's ours! Wow! What an amazing gift! We have wanted this for so long, it almost doesn't seem possible that it could actually happen!

Yesterday I had to run get fingerprinted with the FBI. I now officially have a mug shot! (FYI - it's not very flattering! :) ) Jason goes on Friday for his fingerprinting and mug shot. On Friday our Social Worker has to come out and do an update. It's been six months since she was in our home. Is my house clean? No. Oh well. I still have 24 hours! :)

Here's hoping for Hope!

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