Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Joy saw the dentist today! Joy has both our private insurance and medicaid - which is such a blessing, but such a pain. Medicaid has all of these rules. For example, they want Joy to see a dentist every six months. She has no teeth - not one. Too bad, the great state of Texas feels that she needs to see a dentist. They keep telling me so in letters. Sigh. If you don't use your private dental insurance, no one yells at you. :)

Sammi went to our wonderful pediatric dentist today. I was explaining everything and hoping they would accept our insurance and maybe, just maybe, use medicaid as a secondary insurance. Normally, they don't see children until they are three, unless there is a problem - like poor Jessi. Wonder of wonders, Dr. Lewis accepts medicaid, and not just medicaid, our particular kind of medicaid, Texas Health Steps. As Dr. Lewis says, God is watching out for us! Yeah!

So what were her findings? She stuck her fingers in Joy's mouth and told me she doesn't have any teeth! :) We'll go back in six months. Crazy, crazy.


Caleb T Ricks said...

Well, thank goodness she went to dental school - there is no fooling her! :)

Dolores said...

My kids with Down syndrome were all late getting teeth-- the boys were each around 14 months when they got their first teeth; Ella was 20 months!