Saturday, October 04, 2008

Turkish Festival

On Saturday we went to the Turkish Festival. I had several reasons to go:
1. The food!
2. Cultural experience for the kids
3. Joy's birthfather was born in Turkey

I have never met Joy's birthfather. I have a brief bio written about him. I know how tall he is. I know where he was born. But what does he look like? As I walked around the festival and looked at all of these men that have the same color skin and hair as my baby, I wondered, "Is this what my baby's father looked like?" I don't know. I do know that he and her mother made a beautiful, beautiful baby girl. I am grateful to them that we have her.

Here is Joy trying Turkish food: As with ALL food, she loved it!

I like to call this picture: "Enough with pictures already, let's eat!"

And a fun video of Bec and her playing ball at the festival. Her therapists would be so pleased. We have been working on taking turns and rolling balls.

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