Saturday, November 15, 2008

Santa Joy

Another bath post – I can’t help myself!

Nov 15 013

We thought her bubbles looked like a fun Santa beard!  :)

Joy had therapy yesterday.  She did so well.  She was able to cruise for two steps – more than one.  She put toys “in” for the therapist.  She has never done that for me!  :)  And we worked on the stairs – she has one stair she'll do for Miss Carolyn.

When Daddy came home, he got her to go all the way up the stairs – way to go Joy!

Daddy is also working on helping Joy walk.  Joy isn’t too thrilled, but it’s the next step.  When Miss Carolyn tried the same exercise, Joy knew what to do.  She wasn’t pleased, but she recognized that she had to move her feet.

She is doing so well!

These pictures are for last week’s therapy:

jessis party 006 jessis party 009 jessis party 014

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Caleb T Ricks said...

She is doing so awesome!