Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We have a tooth!


Fun and exciting news!  We have felt (!) and seen our first shiny and sharp little tooth!  Wahoo!

Not being a dentist, I can’t tell you which tooth it is, but I am going to make an educated guess.  I think it’s the First molar – it’s pretty far back there on her right side, upper jaw.

Here is a chart for normal tooth eruption (

Eruption of Primary or Deciduous Teeth
Upper Lower
Central incisors 6-8 months 5-7 months
Lateral incisors 8-11 months 7-10 months
Cuspids (canines) 16-20 months 16-20 months
First molars 10-16 months 10-16 months
Second molars 20-30 months 20-30 months


And then from a DS website (

“Tooth eruption is delayed in timing and sequence.”

So very true!!  :)

A couple pictures for the fun of it

nov 19 002 Joy was NOT going to look at me!

nov 19 005 Playing with a car

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CYNDI said...

eating steak is just around the corner!