Friday, December 05, 2008

Fun Therapy and Random Joy Pictures

Joy had both communication and OT this week.  Her communication therapy is going to increase to twice a month starting in January – yeah Joy!

First, parachute – so fun!  She was leaving to make a sound or a movement and we would respond.  We were working on shake and up. 

Dec-2008 003 Dec-2008 004

We continue to read.  Joy thinks you have to point to look at a book.  It’s so cute!

Dec-2008 012

Working on in and out. (and no, she’s not really standing there)

 Dec-2008 013

Working on up and down.

Dec-2008 019

Now onto OT:  You want me to walk behind that thing?  Are you kidding me?  :)

 Picture 055

Also working on “on” and “off”

Picture 054

Now onto the random pictures of Joy:

Dec-2008 075 Joy, the angel

Picture 002 Joy discovered the cabinet

Joy in the leaves – we call them Texas Snow!  :)

 Picture 034  Picture 032

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asiaelizabeth said...

Really , really cute!!