Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Week for Joy

Jessi and Lizzy played with Joy and bubbles.

aug 15 012 aug 15 013 

I wanted to show you some of her signs – so fun!  Her ability to communicate is growing so much!  She is learning new signs all the time.  I love baby and hat.  Here are some that she uses all the time. aug 15 016



The Itsy-Bitsy Spider




 aug 15 017



All the Little Fishes




aug 15 035


And the sign I am most proud of – this is Joy’s version of “Amen.”  She folds her arms so reverently and then signs Amen at the end of prayers – yeah!




Helping Daddy vacuum

 aug 15 018 aug 15 019

Physical Therapy – working on walking up the stairs

aug 15 023 aug 15 024

And finally her frustration for the week – hip huggers.  They are basically spandex shorts that have been sewn together down the middle.  It is supposed to help her walk more normally.  It is definitely more difficult to walk this way, and her therapist admitted it might be too late, but we’ll see.  We are also looking into horse back riding to help with her gait.  We’ll see.  The problem I foresee with the horse back riding is that my other girls might suddenly develop gaits so that they “HAVE” to have horse back riding too.  :)

aug 15 025 aug 15 026

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