Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swallow Study and Lovin’

Friday Joy had her Swallow Study.  It was so cool!  It is a mobile unit.  It looks like a really nice RV, but inside it’s all set up with computers and x-ray machines.  Wonderful for an almost home bound Mama and her 2 year old!

Results:  She has some really weak muscles and her tongue is weak.  She is not all that coordinated.  With thin liquids they start to go down her airway, but with thicker liquids they don’t.  That explains why since thickening her water she has stopped coughing and tearing up.   Joy’s OT feels these are all simple things to fix with therapy – yeah!

Sammi got to watch the swallow study since she was home – another benefit of home schooling.  Very cool!  We have a CD of the whole thing.  It is fascinating to watch her move during an x-ray – to see all of her bones and the liquid and food moving around in her body.  :)

Joy is a very loved and very loving little girl!

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