Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Busy!

Joy is finally cutting another tooth!  Number 9 here we come!

Joy has graduated from OT from ECI, but they suggested we bring in some private therapies.  So we did – and now Joy is one very busy little girl!

Speech Therapy – three times weekly.

OT – twice weekly.

Developmental services – once weekly.

PT – in process of evaluation.

Joy is developing so much right now.  It is so amazing to watch!  We are really working on her signs and her vocalizations. 

sept 20 002 sept 20 003   sept 20 006

sept 20 027


sept 20 031


Joy adores her little sister!

Joy wants to hug Bella, hold Bella, tickle Bella, and kiss Bella all the time!




sept 20 062 sept 20 063 sept 20 064

I’m not sure who taught her, but she has learned to walk backwards!  And she makes this sound like a truck when she does it – beep, beep, beep.  Too precious!

sept 20 029 sept 20 030

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