Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The End of ECI, Swimming, and the Stinker

Joy had her last developmental services appointment with Miss Kari on Thursday.  All of her ECI services stop of age three.  Miss Kari has been with Joy since she was one year old.  I remember the first task we worked on was isolating her pointer finger so she could point at pictures in books.  We made Miss Kari a card and some gluten free browines.  They were very yummy!  We will miss you Miss Kari!

IMG_3777 IMG_3861

Swimming – Joy loves the water!!


I was trying to finish up Joy’s book for her birthmother.  I was looking for the perfect picture for the cover and the stinker just wouldn’t cooperate.  :)  I did get these though.

IMG_3787 IMG_3799 IMG_3803 IMG_3805  IMG_3820  IMG_3842 IMG_3847 IMG_3841

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