Sunday, June 13, 2010

Joy’s Week

Playing around:

 IMG_4577 IMG_4622

Helping in the yard:

IMG_4651 IMG_4673

Playing with sister:

IMG_4730 IMG_4733

A sad day.  Joy’s speech therapist is leaving.  We had a special time together to say good-bye.  We bought doughnuts and enjoyed those together.  We painted.  We made rice krispies treats.  We will miss Miss Megan.  Joy has progressed so much in her care.

June 10 041 June 10 042 June 10 052  June 10 072



Joy loves, adores, and is addicted to the movie Totoro. She was thrilled this week at the library when Sammi found her a book of Totoro!!



June 10 061




This week we sent off Joy’s birthmother’s package.  We hope that she enjoys it and knows that our sweet girl is loved and well.

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