Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blue’s Clues Birthday Party

We were trying to figure out – What does Blue want for lunch?

We started with some cheese and crackers.  When cleaning up we noticed that the cheese was a clue!  We had to write that down in our handy dandy notebook!IMG_3568IMG_3570IMG_3569

We moved onto our second activity -  matching objects to their colors.  Oh, wow – the tomato sauce is our second clue!  Gotta write it down.


Mail time!  Mail’s here!  We did the dance.  Joy got a letter from her friends.IMG_3581IMG_3582IMG_3585

We moved onto working on our shapes.  We colored and put stickers on a square, a circle, and a rectangle.  While reviewing, we noticed that the circle was our third clue!  We had all three clues!  Marlissa was so cute!  She looked for clues.  She got so excited when she found a clue.


We went to our thinking chair!  Hmmm…what could Blue want for lunch with cheese, tomato sauce, and a circle.  PIZZA!!  We had to wait a few minutes for the pizza to arrive, so we opened presents.  Yea for pizza!


Our handy-dandy notebook and singing “Happy Birthday!”IMG_3620IMG_3625

listening to sister’s heartbeat (one of her presents) 

Our three clues


HIMG_3641appy 4th Birthday my Joy!

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