Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Joy!!!

How has four years passed?

From this:                                                to this:


Today, especially, I think about your birthmother.  I hope that she and your twin brother are happy and well.  I hope that your brother had a wonderful birthday too!

For my Joy – all her favorites for her birthday:

Donuts for breakfast, a crown and bracelets from Bella’s nurse (after all, you are a diva, my love!)


Out to the mall for lunch and to buy a “birf-day bear” with Grandma and Grandpa Turpin’s birthday money.  (THANK YOU!!)

June 3 004June 3 003

Playing in the food court:

June 3 005June 3 012

Joy loves this song!!


Pizza for dinner! (what else?)


We got her four seasons of Blue’s Clues episodes.  We are going to have a small party next week. 

Our Joy, we love you so much!  We are so grateful you chose to join our family.  What joy you bring to us all! 

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