Tuesday, September 06, 2011

ARD is finished

Well it is finished. There was only one part I wasn't prepared for. I already knew the IEP goals for the academic subjects. Truthfully, a lot of the ARD is just legal stuff anyway. But I hadn't been able to touch base with the Speech Therapist before the ARD. Her private ST and I had sent in what we were working on here at home. The goal the school ST included in the ARD was so low - just something she can achieve with just natural progression, even Speech Impaired natural progression. Anyway, I told them I thought it was a pretty low goal, knowing and stating that we will continue her out of school Speech. Transportation also has me irritated. It's a 40 minute bus ride. To me that is inappropriate. The school is less than 4 miles away and she is four years old. I will drop her off, but that means she will miss school on the days that Bella is downtown or in the hospital which is what we were trying to avoid by using the bus in the first place.

I think what makes me so sad is it's such a formal us against you situation and it doesn't need to be. But worse than that is how low people's expectations of Joy are. How I hope you blow their socks off Joy!

I came home and poured myself a stiff drink - a Cherry Coke.

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