Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joy’s Week

Ready for school:    I had the worst time convincing her that she couldn’t wear her hat to school.  4 year olds don’t understand the no hats on campus rule!

IMG_4527September 18 010

Therapy:  Jumping and blowing cotton balls


and some ball work (her core is stronger than mine!)IMG_4539IMG_4540

Being full of joy!

Doing Becca’s hair


Playing piano and pushing sister


Helping turn the soil in the garden     Picking up sister from schoolIMG_4586September 18 001

This is great fun!

With our new school schedule, we haven’t figured out nap time yet!September 18 009IMG_4533

My heart still hurts when I drop Joy off, but I think it’ll all work out.  Naptime is presenting a challenge.  We haven’t figured out when it fits in yet.

This week when Joy wore that blue outfit in the sleeping picture, I saw a flash of her birthmother.  I only saw her birthmother twice.  I have tried to hold onto those memories – the woman who gave my daughter life, how grateful we are to her!  Joy looked so long and lean, so tall and beautiful – just like her mother.  It made me smile.

I was at the store this week waiting for Joy to finish her ride on the purple dinosaur.  There was a man beside us filling up water bottles.  He asked me, “Downs?  Does she have Down syndrome?” Inward groan.  It had already been a long day and I wasn’t in the mood to educate.  “Yes, yes she does.”  Turns out his son has DS.  Oh – that changes everything.  We talked for a while.  As he left, he turned to me and asked her name.  “Joy.”  “She will be a joy – you wait and see.”  She already is – and we are grateful for her everyday!

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