Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joy’s Thanksgiving Week

I found Joy laying in my bed reading to her baby.  When I pulled out the camera, she wanted to pose baby for the camera.  She is so sweet with her babies.


Grandpa!  Grandpa!  Joy loves her Grandpa!!  Her grandparents are in town visiting for Thanksgiving.


On Wednesday morning I washed, conditioned, and braided Joy’s long, beautiful hair and then left to take little sister to an appointment.  When I saw her again at the Japanese Gardens, her braid was still in, but it looked all matted at the back – like she had rubbed her head in a circle a million and twelve times.  Well, I worked on that knot for an hour.  Grandma worked on that knot at least that long.  Daddy worked on it.  Becca worked on it.  The poor thing!  Her head was hurting so bad.  So I decided we had to cut it out. 



It absolutely killed me.  I have this crazy obsession with her hair.  It reminds me of her birthmother.  I kept it long and beautiful as a tribute to her, for the life and the beautiful girl she gave us.  So cutting that hair – swerving that huge knot was so painful to me.  I felt I was swerving some magical tie with her mother.  It pained my heart.  It’ll grow back, I know, but it still hurts me. 

She is still too cute!


Thanksgiving feasting – Day one


and day two


Decorating for Christmas


Helping Becca with her quilt design


My big four year old


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