Sunday, December 04, 2011

Joy’s Week

I love my Grandpa – very, very much!  I caught Joy loading the dryer for me. Sweet girl.


Therapy shots


Music shots


More therapy


Sissy had to go to the eye doctor – this looks like fun!December 6 042December 6 044

Two sisters had birthday parties.  She helped blow out candles at both parties.  She got to play games with the big kids – so fun!

IMG_6345december 4 136

Duck, Duck, Goose – Joy’s Turn

december 4 129december 4 132


december 4 138

december 4 171


This is a terrible picture, but I just loved what she was doing.  It was at her sisters’ piano recital.  She was pretty good, but as time went on (and the pianists improved), she sat there with her hands folded, moving and singing softly to the music.  So adorable!




This is from Becca’s birthday cake with the family.  I love Joy in this video!

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