Sunday, December 11, 2011

Joy’s Week

Joy hasn’t been feeling well.  She stayed home from school on Monday and Tuesday.

December 6 017December 6 020

December 6 029December 6 040

By Wednesday she was back to her life.  Playing with her babies and doing therapy.  This was a Speech eval appointment.  Joy didn’t seem to do very well on the Peabody test.  She placed at a year and a half.  Whatever.  We have seen some much progress lately.  She is talking so much more!!  Yeah Joy!

December 8 015December 8 016

Dancing in the kitchen before school.   Sleeping while grocery shopping Smile

December 8 027dec 11 004 

Joy adores her kitty!

december 11 005

Christmas fun

december 11 014december 11 011december 11 010

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