Sunday, August 05, 2012

Joy’s Life


July 29 072July 29 073July 29 076

Playing with a new therapy toy.  We call it the “turtle.”

July 24 087July 24 092July 24 093

Joy loves Chick-fil-A, and it has nothing to do with any political statement – she just loves their chicken, fruit cups, and play place!  She loves playing with her sister in our ball house at home.

July 23 001Aug 5 090

Going out to Old Towne Spring with her Aunts, cousins, and Grandma.  She enjoyed lunch but LOVED this play house we found in a toy store!



Therapy on the ball    Looking out at the world through colored lenses. Movie time with sisters

august 2 018august 2 021august 2 028

Just hanging around                          Learning some important life skills

august 2 029august 2 032

Beans in therapy – Joy loved the beans!  Loved them between her toes and when I turned my head, she jumped in the bowl!

august 2 035august 2 036august 2 038

At a nature center

Aug 5 007Aug 5 011Aug 5 036Aug 5 038Aug 5 060

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