Sunday, September 01, 2013

First Week of School

Joy and two of her sisters all go to the same school.  She walks to the cafeteria with her big sister Lizzy.  Her teacher had her cubbie all ready.  She is set up to totally succeed!


We had to run pick up a sister.  As we walked out the door, Joy told me she wanted to eat.  I told her we’d get something when we got back.  I looked up from buckling a baby in the van to see this.  Evidently “We’ll get something when we get back” means “Go grab a water bottle and some grapes!”  :)  At least she’s self sufficient!

I love her new dress with her coloring!                              Dancing in the living room.


She loves to fill paper with her drawings!   Swinging, a picture of true joy!IMG_6308IMG_6317

Friday morning her behavior was off.  Usually that means she is coming down with something.  Her new teacher doesn’t know her well yet, so I kept her home afraid that she would just be in trouble the whole day because she can’t communicate “I don’t feel well!”

We survived the first week of school!!!  Chips and dip to celebrate!


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