Sunday, September 15, 2013

Joy’s Week

After school with her ipad and mustard bread.  Joy’s teacher told me that she is falling asleep once or twice a day at school.  They have a very structured day with lots expected from them.  So proud of her hard work!

She always wants to go through her communication folder while we are driving home from school.  So proud of her work!!




I’m so proud of my Lizzy – she gets Joy into the school building and delivered every morning to her teacher.  We have been trying different places to drop her off, and I finally like this one.  I had to get special permission, but now we drop off at the bus circle – only buses and day care vans are allowed there.  If that little girl took off running in the car pool line……oh my goodness……..the palpitations!  Since I look like a day care, no parent is any wiser that we cut in line in the car pool lane!  I actually had a teacher open my door the other day and ask me which day care I was!  Really?  I just have a big family.  Oh well!  It worked out well.


This series – Bella wants to jump so badly.  But you have to have working knees to jump!  She was giggling so loudly during this!  Thanks to Joy for keeping Bella motivated!


Since Becca was doing ballet all summer, Joy picked up passé.  She’ll walked up to me and pose and say, “Passé!”  so cute!


Joy had an audiogram and ENT appointment. Well, it wasn’t news that I was expecting.  Joy has moderate to mild conducive hearing loss in the low frequencies.  So men’s voices and vowels sounds.  And the beautiful part, they don’t feel that it’s correctable.  She already has tubes and there aren’t any obstructions. Awesome!  We go back in three months hoping that it’s a fluke, but feeling in my gut that it isn’t.  So we’ll brush up on our sign language especially for group settings with all of that background noise.


Joy has invented her own version of Rummikub.  It’s pretty awesome – it involves turn taking and identifying numbers.  Yea!


IMG_6409Saturday we went to the amazing Baytown Special Rodeo.  Everything is set up for children with special needs.  It was incredible!  Everything was free.  Everyone was super kind and went out of their way to make it a truly special experience for the kids.  We will be back next year!!









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  We stopped for some drinks on the way home.   

  What a happy girl!

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