Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Joy

I realized that I have left everyone hanging - Joy is better. Yeah!
She is happy again.
Developmentally what are we working on? We are working on drinking from a cup (not interested), sitting and playing with toys (likes that one), and tummy time (we have GOT to crawl before we walk, although Joy would GLADLY skip crawl and go straight to her feet!).
Joy still has no teeth. I read that her teeth might not come in till she's 12-14 months - wow! I see more jars of baby food in my future.
OH! Something else I stumbled upon. Flat heads, hmmmmmmmmm............. Flat heads are common for babies with DS. What? Why didn't I know this sooner? I will figure it all out one day! :)
Joy is babbling non-stop now. It's pretty much just variations of Dada, but it is noise. She also likes to say Baba. I have heard Sasa, but NO Mama - despite my best efforts. :)
Joy has become a Mama's girl. That is not to say that she has developed stranger anxiety, but she prefers me. No complaints here! :)
We are also trying to learn about Armenian culture. Joy's birthday is fast approaching and if there is anything special that Armenians do, I'd like to include it. So I'm researching. We'll see what I find!

A picture and a video of a healthier and happy Joy:

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