Monday, April 28, 2008

Lady Bugs

Our little Joy has always been our little lady bug.

one of our friends gave us a gift of 1750 live lady bugs to help your plants and garden be protected from aphids and other bugs.

So on to the pictures:

April 28 2008 038

Joy, Izzy and the Lady Bugs


April 28 2008 042

April 28 2008 043

Bad Hair day for our Joy Joy!


April 28 2008 044

Look at all those Lady Bugs


April 28 2008 050

Becca shaking the Lady Bugs onto the Rose.  if you look close you can see the lady bugs falling onto the roses.


April 28 2008 056

Invasion of the Lady Bugs!!!!!

Izzy just giggled and giggled as they climbed up her leg.

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